The oil you consume has a vital role to play in the wellbeing of your family.

What you put into your system on a regular basis will ultimately impact your overall gut, cardiovascular and physical health while also having a direct bearing on your overall performance, brain functions and digestive performance.

Our MCT Oil is one of the finest additions to your table and deserves a closer look for its multifarious attributes.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 100% NONGMO liquid derived from the best coconut oil.
  • NO PALM OIL promise for the purest options.
  • Improved weight loss, athletic performance, gut health and brain functions.
  • More concentration and health benefits than regular varieties.
  • 100% MCTs as compared to only 45-65% in regular coconut oil.

You can easily integrate MCT Oil into your regular smoothie, coffee/tea and yoghurt. Drizzle over your salads or use it as dressing. Enhance the flavor of your soups, dips, porridges and roasted vegetables. The sky is the limit!

“So the next time you’re seeking the best oil solution, try this unsung marvel. We’re sure it’ll be worth it!”

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